Top 4 Bike Racing Games Online

In 2007, comScore reported there have been 217 Million people worldwide playing games. Today, you will find clearly in addition to that playing games. And the truth is bike racing games is among the popular choices among newbies in addition to enthusiastic games worldwide.

From what I have researched, it is the thrill of racing, and also the attraction of challenging other players from around the globe, or perhaps the latest greatest score, from your family room leading individuals to make online racing games very popular.

I am no speed junkie, but here’s my listing of a few of the popular bike racing games online:

Cyclo Maniacs v1.02 (Rating: 9/10 according to 51319 ratings)

Zoom through different terrains to generate money and change your ability to drive. When you unlock levels, you may choose different terrains too. Simple enough to begin, do be mindful while performing stunts.

BMRex (Rating: 9/10 according to 2642 ratings)

Farmville is funny. It is a T-Rex mowing the lawn and pulling off stunts, need I only say more?

It is a vibrant and fun game, really simple when you are accustomed to it. But watch out for the surprises on every corner from the route! In Level 3, if you cannot run a ride around the Pterodactyl, you lose a existence! Yes, it’s that filled with surprises.

Nitro Ninjas (Rating: 9/10 according to 21612 ratings)

Race with the city true Ninja style. Perform stunts and produce points. The amount tend to be more hard to win. However if you simply like Ninja styles and seeking out stunts like one-arm assassin or helicopter kick, here it is for you personally.

Uphill Hurry 3 (Rating: 9/10 according to 11138 ratings)

This is actually the third within the number of probably the most popular bike racing games online. You begin within the beautiful town of Paris which too on building rooftops!

There are lots of features you are able to activate that will help you adhere to your route – map, tips, a ghost bike which will highlight the road to follow. Or simply begin with the trial mode to rehearse before you begin racing.

There are lots of more online racing games you should check out online, varying from real-world racing leagues to space, even different galaxies. Regardless if you are a newcomer or perhaps an enthusiastic gamer, you are able to choose in the listing of bike racing games available today.


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